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3M Premium Series Respirators

With this premium respirator series 3M offers ultimate safety, meeting the particular requirements of the clogging test for FFP (filtering face piece) respirators which may be used for more than one shift.

These respirators have exceptional comfort because of their lightweight, off the-face design; the advanced soft facepiece sealing ring provides a large surface area providing maximum filtration but minimising the build-up of hot air inside the facepiece, an exhalation valve to reduce moisture buildup in certain work conditions and 4-point adjustable straps and adjustable nose clip to ensure a comfortable fit.

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Forma Kaušelio formos
Savybės Pažangi filtruojanti medžiaga
Reguliuojami dirželiai
Cool Flow vožtuvas
Veido tarpiklis
Patvirtinimai CE žyma
Applications & Industries Construction
Ship Building / Repair
Welding and Soldering
Chemical Processing
Iron & Steel
Battery Manufacturing
Product Code Item Description Protection ClassificationSvorisFormaApsauga nuo
8825 8825 priežiūros nereikalaujančios puskaukės FFP2ValvedKaušelio formosMetalo garų
8835 8835 priežiūros nereikalaujančios puskaukės FFP3ValvedKaušelio formosMetalo garų

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