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PPE Safety
PPE Safety

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3M EVM Environmental Monitors

The 3M™ EVM Series monitors both particulates and air quality in one compact instrument. From healthcare and manufacturing to construction and military applications, the EVM series provides a lower cost of ownership by combining three detection instruments into one.

Detection Applications Occupational & Environmental
Analysis Software Yes
Intrinsic Safety No
Product Code Item Description Instrument TypeBaterijos tipasSvorisDetection Applications
EVM-3 EVM Environmental Monitors Particulate MonitorLi-ion1.3 kgOccupational & Environmental
EVM-4 EVM Environmental Monitors Indoor Air Quality MonitorLi-ion1.3 kgOccupational & Environmental
EVM-7 EVM Environmental Monitors Indoor Air Quality & Particulate MonitorLi-ion1.3 kgOccupational & Environmental


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