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3M™ K100 Kokoontaitettava hengityssuojain

Safety is priceless, but it doesn't have to be expensive. With 3M™ K100 Series Respirators, 3M have applied the best of their expertise to bring you solid, professional protection at an affordable price.

The 3M K100 flat-fold respirators are made of strong stuff, for tough work. They are designed to be wearer-friendly, with the comfort and convenience workers need to make a long and demanding shift a little easier to face. As well as removing the need for costly, time-consuming maintenance, the 3M K100 Series also removes any doubt as to quality when it comes to choosing a value product: fully tested, certified and CE marked, all 3M K100 products are also backed with the kind of responsive support, access to technical personnel, reliable advice as well as dependable quality and supply that only a brand like 3M can offer.

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Style Flat Fold
Toiminnot High Performance Filter Media
Hyväksyntä CE-hyväksytty
Applications & Industries Construction
Ship Building / Repair
Rubber / Plastics
Iron & Steel
Pottery / Ceramics
Market Gardening
Base Metal Manufacture
Powered Chemicals
Light Duty Maintenance and Repair
Coal Mining
Product Code Item Description Protection ClassificationExhalation TypeStyleProtects against
K101 K101 Huoltovapaa hengityssuojain FFP1UnvalvedFlat FoldDust/Mist
K111 K111 Huoltovapaa hengityssuojain FFP1ValvedFlat FoldDust/Mist
K102 K102 Huoltovapaa hengityssuojain FFP2UnvalvedFlat FoldDust/Mist
K112 K112 Huoltovapaa hengityssuojain FFP2ValvedFlat FoldDust/Mist
K113 K113 Huoltovapaa hengityssuojain FFP3ValvedFlat FoldDust/Mist

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