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3M™ Stikit™ Abrasive Disc 245

Stiff E-weight paper gives a strong backing and long product life. Resin bond resists heat to prevent premature "burning".

Applications: Initial and intermediate sanding on solid wood furniture, wood and metal door frames and other hard and soft wood, plastic and metal surfaces. Materials: -Wood -Metal -Paints -Fillers -Plastics

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Mineral Aluminium Oxide
Backing E Weight Paper
Coating Open
Bond Resin
Attachment Stikit
Part Number Item Description ColourGrit GradeDimensionHole Layout
A00437 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP40125mmPlain
A00442 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP40125mm600A
A00436 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP60125mmPlain
00441 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP60125mm600A
A00435 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP80125mmPlain
A00440 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP80125mm600A
A00433 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP120125mmPlain
A00438 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP120125mm600A
00996 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP40150mmPlain
00998 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP40150mm600A
00995 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP60150mmPlain
00997 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP60150mm600A
00758 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP80150mmPlain
00761 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP80150mm600A
A00757 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP100150mmPlain
A00760 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP100150mm600A
00756 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP120150mmPlain
A00759 Stikit™ Disc 245 GreenP120150mm600A

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