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3M™ Safety Walk™ Conformable Tapes

The tapes consist of abrasive particles bonded by a tough, durable polymer to aluminium foil. The tapes are designed to stretch and conform to irregular surfaces such as diamond tread plate, screw heads, ladder rungs, etc.

Primarily for use on dimpled or patterned surfaces in industrial, food service or commercial areas. The tapes are suitable for application in dry, wet or oily environments.

- High quality abrasive particles
- Aluminium foil to conform to irregular surfaces
- High performance adhesive

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Colour Black
Traffic Pedestrian
Light Vehicle
Tape Size 152mm x 610mm
51mm x 18.3m
102mm x 18.3m
152mm x 18.3m
305mm x 18.3m
610mm x 18.3m

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