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3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroplastic PFA 6502TZ

3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroplastic PFA 6502TZ, a fully fluorinated copolymer made from tetrafluoroethylene and perfluorvinylether, is characterized by its excellent temperature resistance, optimal chemical and weathering resistance and very good dielectric capabilities.

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Special Features

  • Wide service temperature range
  • Extremely high weathering resistance and UV-stability
  • High limiting oxygen index: Does not support combustion
  • Good non-stick characteristics
  • Improved mould release property

  • High transparency
  • Excellent and almost universal resistance to solvents and chemicals
  • Excellent dielectrical insulation properties, e.g. dielectric breakdown strength, dielectric constanct
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Good low-friction properties
  • Improved stress crack resistance

Typical Properties

In comparison to the N grades the 3M Dyneon Fluoroplastic PFA T grades are chemically modified to show additional benefits: The 3M Dyneon Fluoroplastic PFA T grades show a high thermal processing stability resulting in a broad processing window. In addition, they are easily released from moulds, show an improved stress crack resistance and a smooth surface.

Typical Applications

Generally, 3M Dyneon Fluoroplastic PFA T grades are used for corrosion protection in valves, pumps, tanks, tubes and pipes, or heating cables. 3M Dyneon Fluoroplastic PFA 6502TZ, with a Melt-Flow-Index (372 °C/5 kg) of 2 g/10 min, is a material with a high viscosity and is used in low shear processes like thick walled extrusion, linings, transfer moulding or tube extrusion, especially when a broad processing window and an easy release from the mould is required.

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Part Number PFA 6502TZ
Hardness Shore D 60
Specific Gravity 2.15 g/cm³
Tensile Strength at Break 34 MPa
Elongation at Break 360 %
Physical Form Pellet
Melting Point 308 °C
Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) > 95 %
Flexural Modulus 550 MPa
Melt Flow Index 2 g/10 min
MIT Folding Endurance 3.1 Mio. double folds


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