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3M™ Maintenance Sorbent

For leaks and drips of non aggressive fluids. 3M™ Maintenance Sorbents are ideal for absorbing oil and other industrial fluids cleanly and efficiently.

They are lightweight and very quick to deploy. They are long lasting and highly absorbent (up to 25 x their own weight) absorbing most fluids very quickly. 3M maintenance sorbents are not suitable for absorbing aggressive liquids. Maintenance sorbents by 3M are made from inert, synthetic fibres principally of polypropylene and polyester. They are available in a large range of formats and are lightweight and dust free. They have a high absorption capacity which minimises the amount of waste for disposal. Features and Benefits include:
• Promotes a cleaner, safer working environment
• Very easy to use and to retrieve
• Reduces the risk of contamination of finished products
• Reduces the risk of damage to valuable machinery
• Significantly less waste to dispose of

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Hazard For use with petroleum based products
For use with water based products
Features Available in multiple formats
Part Number Item Description FormatSizeFeaturesWeight
M-F2001 M-F2001 Maintenance Sorbent Multi-Format Sorbent Multiformat12 x 1520 cm
M-A2002 M-A2002 Maintenance Sorbent Pad Sorbent Pads40 x 52 cm
M-B2001 M-B2001 Maintenance Sorbent Roll Sorbents Rolls40 x 4600 cm
M-B2002 M-B2002 Maintenance Sorbent Roll Sorbents Rolls96 x 4600 cm
M-G1001 M-G1001 Maintenance Sorbent Rugs Sorbent Rugs91 x 9100 cmUncoated
M-G1301 M-G1301 Maintenance Sorbent Rugs Sorbent Rugs91 x 3000 cmCoated
M-M1001 M-M1001 Maintenance Sorbent Miniboom Sorbent Miniboom7.6Ø x 120 cm
M-M1002 M-M1002 Maintenance Sorbent Miniboom Sorbent Miniboom7.6Ø x 240 cm5.5 kg
M-M1003 M-M1003 Maintenance Sorbent Miniboom Sorbent Miniboom7.6Ø x 370 cm
M-N1001 M-N1001 Maintenance Sorbent Pillow Resealable Pack18 x 38 cm
M-R2001 M-R2001 Maintenance Sorbent Drum Cover, High Capacity Case Sorbent Drum Cover, High Capacity Case56Ø cm

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