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3M™ Structural Adhesive SAF6068

3M ™ Automotive Structural Adhesive Film SAF 6068 is for structural bonding or stiffening of metal to metal joints in BIW applications. The product is suitable for bonding to oily1 surfaces. It can be used directly from rolls (like a tape) or die-cut to complex shapes to suit the application. Examples of applications include hinge-washer bonding for positive door hinge location after paint, hinge and pillar reinforcement brackets, roof bow brackets for vans and stiffening pads for hoods. The product exhibits some expansion during typical E-coat bake cycles to maximise joint fill and builds up final structural strength during paint bake cycles.

Colour Red
Thickness 0.4mm (Single laminate), 0.8mm (Double laminate), 1.2mm (Triple laminate)


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