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3M™ Structural Adhesive SA9820 (B/A)

3M™ SA9820 (B/A) is a high crash resistant 2-part structural adhesive for composite and aluminium bonding. The product has been formulated for the Automotive Industry and mix quality can be checked by appearance of the applied or cured adhesive. 3M™ SA9820 (B/A) has a wide process window and can be applied under normal body-in-white (BIW) conditions at OEM’s or in Tier-1 companies for modular assemblies and later fitting in BIW.

This adhesive has good compatibility with a number of dry lubes* and other lubricants* and features broad off-ratio, adhesive gap and bake tolerances. In addition the product offers excellent dwell time compatibility* on oily surfaces for closed joints before E-coat bake without any reduction in performance. It can be induction heated at low temperatures to accelerate the cure, thereby minimizing distortion. Room temperature curing also provides excellent performance*.
*subject to tests performed on substrate oil combinations

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Colour Part A: Red, Part B: Yellow, Mixed: Orange
% Solids Part A: 100%, Part B: 100%, Mixed: 100%
Density at room temp Part A: 1.07g/cc, Part B: 1.07g/cc
Viscosity at room temp Part A: 70, Part B: 260


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