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3M™ Structural Adhesive SA5027

3M™ Automotive Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive 5027 is formulated for
hem flange bonding applications on aluminium, steel or SMC.
It features broad off-ratio and over-bake tolerance, and structural bond
strength on untreated surfaces with high draw lubricant coating weights.
It can be induction cured at low temperatures, thereby minimizing panel
distortion and is adaptable to spot cure.

Colour Part A: Amber, Part B: Black, Mixed: Black
% Solids Part A: 100%, Part B 100%, Mixed: 100%
Density at room temp Part A: 1.105g/1, Part B: 0.88g/1
Viscosity at room temp Part A: 45000 cps, Part B: 180000 cps


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