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3M Speedglas™ SL Welding Helmet

Our lightest auto-darkening welding shield ever. Low weight (only 360 Grams) - high comfort.

Welders have asked for two things in personal protection: lighter weight and more comfort. Our challenge in designing an all-new shield were to significantly reduce its weight, while maintaining the performance and protection that welders worldwide have come to expect in every Speedglas product. The result of our effort is a 360 gram auto darkening welding shield.

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70 11 20
Welding Method MIG/MAG
TIG (>20A)
Welding Conditions Risk of Hidden Arc
Keevitusfilter SL Keevitusfilter
Dark State Shade 8-12 (variable)
Viewing Area 42 x 93mm
Klassifikatsioon 1 / 1 / 1 / 2
Welding Method MMAW (Electrode)
TIG (1A - 20A)
Plasma (Welding & Cutting)
Light State Shade 3
Switching Time (light - dark) 0.1 ms (+ 23° C)
Delay (Switching Time, dark-light) 60 - 250 ms
Battery Lifetime 1500 Hours
Battery Type Lithium 3 Volt
Raskus 360 g
No of Sensors (Arc Detection) 2 Sensors


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